Friday, September 15, 2006

Al Jauhar Cert Presentation 10 Sept 06 - pt 1

This is coming to our third Certificate Presentation for Al Jauhar Network Promotion (or Darul Ulum Al Jauhar).

Congratulation to all the students who completed their Taisir Qira'atil Qur'an; Tajweed; Talaqqi; Islamic Studies (Module 1 or 2 in English); or Fardu Ain (Module 1 or 2 in Malay).

Ahem... I have completed all of it, if you were to ask me. *blush*

- I am helping at the reception with sis Normah

- Recipients of certificate seated

- My sis-in-law with her classmates

- Far left are the speakers (from left to right): Ust Zul, Ust Ahmad Jelani (Principal of Al Jauhar), recipient, Bro "The Astronomer" (I don't know his name :P), Quran reciter (looking down) and Bro .. ( :P ) Oh dear...


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