Monday, November 20, 2006

Thank Yous & Updates of new Links

I have received a few feedback and questions regarding MBT shoes & Al Jauhar Courses and the hadith I posted. Thank you all for your generous feedbacks so far.

At the mean time I am freelancing at a design firm, so can't update my blog so often.

I have added a link to MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) which you all can check out the function of the shoe.

~ Quote: ~
:: Medical & Therapy ::
A Swiss concept that exceeds all expectations

Physiotherapists, osteopaths & chiropractors recommend the use of MBT to successfully help prevent and treat injuries. Through the biomechanical function of MBT, the muscles, joints and spine begin to function anatomically. Joint wear is reduced,and with it pain.
• With every step taken, MBT is therapeutic and simultaneously preventative.
~ Unquote. ~

And added the 3 "Still under construction" webbies of Al Jauhar Network Promotion. Al Jauhar is a place where you can study about Islam and Quran Reading (language taught in English).

Check out Al Jauhar Activities page to view the photos of the past Youth Camp and Training event and Certificate Presentation we had organised...


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