Monday, July 16, 2007

1 Rejab Islamic Calender

Just checked the Islamic calender, it's already 1 Rejab 1428.

Ramadhan is only 2 months away. Suddenly I get a big shock... panic. What have I archieved so far? Hope I didn't have sins added from the last fasting month, inshaAllah.

Zakat... have I paid my zakat... NO and Alarmed!
I have both March and May's not settled, I don't even know the nisab amount. Now it's already in July... if ONLY I can combined the 3 zakat into one then I won't be in stress... but zakat is a good value that we have to be very caution of our assets to be in halal means. It's a way to increasing your blessings and cleanse your soul and better still... Allah increased your savings and substenances when you paid ZAKAT!!!

Ooh... I better start calculate the soonest. And hope I can read more Quran starting now till Ramadhan. Must target to finish the whole Quran before last night of Ramadhan.

I think still can buy the Dates next month.

May Allah gives my family good news this year, ameen!


At 26/7/07 10:53 pm, Anonymous Sahidah said...

Ramadhan coming!!! I am sooo excited.
Now that you've mentioned dates, hmmm... yum yum..
Realised something, waking up during subuh in Ramadhan is alot easier than outside ramadhan.

And this year's ramadhan will be different for me.

At 22/9/07 4:51 pm, Blogger Aisya Chen said...

Me bad! Miss your comment.

Indeed, Ramadhan is a rare month that we all should be excited to "increase" rewards & blessings from Allah ;)

With your new identity... May we all do the extra ibadah for Allah during this month! Ameen.


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