Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mina Camp (photos by bro Yasin)

During the performing of Hajj in Mina to Arafa, Rosman and I didn't take any picture. So I had asked bro Yasin Chang for his pictures of the Mina Camp for Singapore.

The Mina camps were divided according to contigents. Singapore is under south-east asia, camp number 76. There were printed A4 papers pasted outside the tents, indicating the respective travel agencies. A hugh kitchen was located in every contigent's camp to provide meals for the pilgrims. All meals were provided by the Saudi.

This year, the dimension of Mina had extended over the boarder of Mudzalifa... and Singapore camp was located in the "old" Mudzalifa, so we could still see the boarder's signage "Mudzalifa ends here" standing at the hill before our camp.

My unforgetable things about Mina camp were the newly built and painted toilets. They were clean with proper flushing system. I couldn't stand the coldness and strong wind in the night. So I was really excited having warm water to take ablution. I repeat, the taps were running warm water not cold water. It's a blessing to have warm running water in a cold desert, you know...


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