Sunday, March 04, 2007

To enter into state of Ihram.

A pilgrim should enter into a state of ihram, to perform his/her pilgrimage.

"In a state of ihram" means in a state of forbidden.

There are certain restrictions when one is in ihram.
1) Men - No sewn clothing
2) Men - Do not cover the head
3) Men - Do not cover the toes
4) Women - Do not cover the face
5) Women - Do not use gloves
6) Both gender - No perfume
7) Both gender - No kissing or sexual intercourse
8) Both gender - No solemnization of marriage or make marriage proposal
9) Both gender - Do not remove/shave hair or clip nails
10) Both gender - Do not hunt/kill animal
11) Both gender - Do not cut down trees or uprooting plant

A pilgrim has to be in proper attire (for both genders) before declaring intention. One enters into Ihram by declaring his intention to perform Hajj/Umrah at the MIQAT (means the boarder before entering Mecca, for making pilgrimage intention) and recite the Talbiya.

For us whom travelled from Sinagpore, intention to perform Umrah (Haj Tamattu)/Hajj Ifrad were made in the plane when reaching the Miqat (Yalamlam). The captain of the plane would announced twice, so the pilgrims could make their intention.

The men have to wear 2 unsewn cloths wrapped around the body symolised back to the basic like a new-born baby come to the world without anything. Normally the cloths for ihram (men) are 2 white unsewn long towels to wrap around the upper part and lower part of the body . While ladies wore as per normal that covered her aurat.


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