Friday, June 06, 2008

National Runway Cycling & Skating 08

Date: Sunday, 25 May 2008
Time: 8.00am (gate opens by 7am)
Venue: Paya Lebar Air Base

I was 18th weeks pregnant and joining the Runway Cycling again with hubby.
Everyone were shocked when I told them I went: "Hah? You cycle at this state (2nd trimester pregnancy)?"
I cycled at leisure, I was not speeding and I could balance the biscycle, so no problem.

• Pix 1: After praying suboh, we left the house around 6.30 am. Took a bus to Eunos MRT station to catch the shuttle bus to the Air Base.

• Pix 2 & 3: We were queuing to pass the security check point before entering the Air Base. As we were early, we queued around 10 mins.

• Pix 4: The overall map of the Event, where the tenants of various sport products were situated.

• Pix 5: We signed up with rental of 2 biscycles, collected that day.


At 10/6/08 9:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Masya Allah. You're 18 weeks ++ Pray both mummy and child safe always. :) Take care.

At 13/6/08 4:21 pm, Blogger Aisya Chen said...

Jazakallah wa khairan.
May I know who is praying for us?

Aisya :D


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