Thursday, June 12, 2008

Passion Run 2008 - 10 km

Date: Sunday, 8 June 2008
Time: 6.30 am
Venue: East Coast Park - E2 Angsana Green

Hubby took part in the Passion Run on Sunday morning. The venue is at the East Coast Park (East Coast jogging route by the beach) near to the food centre and lagoon (360 degree ski). Only a few bus stop away from our home. There were 3 routes - the 15 km (competitive), 10 km and 5 km. He signed up for the 5 km but he was running the 10 km route.

He was quite excited that when he finished the run, the organiser gave out a medal for completion. As he signed up the 5 km run, he received his medal although he ran 10 km. It is an encouragement for him as he has yet gotten a medal with the other runs. I joined him after his run to take pictures.

When we were leaving, we walked along the beach, and saw sand castle building competion for family. I took some pictures and lost my hubby... guess where did I find him...(check the pix below) LOL.


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