Thursday, July 31, 2008

Al Jauhar Haflah 07/08 in 3 weeks time.

Hubby and I are helping Ustadz with this year's certificate presentation at the Singapore Expo during Mega Travel's Halal Food Expo 08. There will be 3 groups of recipients - Al Jauhar classes (year 2007 - 2008), Classes at Msj Hj Fatimah, Classes at Mega Travel.

As usual, I will be working on the design of Food Coupons, Volunteer Name Tags, Program Sheet, Envelopes; while hubby works on the Certificates and buying of materials...

First meeting on 28 Jul (Mon), only 2 of us turned up... as usual, the meeting was after ishak prayer (around 9 pm)... next day working, so mostly can not make it to the meeting.

Tuesday - Typed out the summary of the meeting and sent to ustadz in the morning so he can disseminate to the rest.
Exhausted, Wednesday did the Cover for the Program Sheet only.
Today types and plans the timing of the event...
Tomorrow will be the Food Coupon, inshaAllah.

Good that I have some leftover food from last night dinner for my lunch today... can't cook dinner while working bit by bit, and now it's already 9:05 pm.

Going to get dinner for myself and for hubby.
Signing off.


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