Friday, March 16, 2007

Our adventure from Mina to Arafah. Part 1.

[Before going to Mina]
Rosman and I had requested our agency to arrange for us to go Mina for a night on 8 Zulhijah (a day before Arafah).

Our travel agency not stopping at Mina, went straight to Arafah on the 8 Zulhijah. So it arranged for us to join another agency's transport and shelter. Brother Helmi and wife, sis Shareena decided to join us to Mina.

We packed some breads and water during breakfast at Hahnemann Apartment at Shisha, and left at 7.30am. We were brought to Mecca to join the other agency's pilgrims. While waiting for transport, we prayed Zohor at Masjidil Haram (the holy mosque at Mecca). We left for Mina around 3.15pm.

[Mina, 8 Zulhijah 1427 Hijrah]
(Photos by brother Helmi- handphone pix)

1•Sweet sis Shareena & me.

2•Brother Helmi and Rosman.

3•Outside Hahnemann Travel's tent.

It was very cold in Mina... especially at night, the wind were chilly. The men were wearing only the ihram clothing (2 pcs of white towel), and Alhamdulillah, I had Hahnemann's jacket.

Alhamdulillah, the toilets were clean and with good flushing system. The taps were running with warm water. To perform ablution in the chilly air was a challenge, warm running tap water was indeed welcomed. (Note: Wudu area is outside the toilet cubicle, in open air. The whole area is surround by 6 ft wall, as in the last pix.)

On the cute side, there were papers (indicate usuage/waiting time in Malay language) sticked on each toilet cubicle. Some cubicles were meant for 'big business' (8 min), 'small business' (3 min), and 2 shower cubicles.

To be continue...


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