Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mummy had a fall.

Sorry for the delay in posting. Had not been around my computer this week.

Last Saturday 17 Mar 2007, received a call from my sister (at work), saying mummy had a bad fall and bleeding non-stop from her face.

Since my hubby and I were on our way to Ang Mo Kio to attend his colleague's baby full month, we re-route to my mum's house.

It's painful to see mummy's swollen left cheek and the bleeding injuries. She had a fall at the block car park after buying lunch. My sister managed to rush home and together we cleansed mummy's wounds with my Dethol wet wipe. Sister applied some anti-septic cream on her then we prepared to visit a doctor.

Rosman checked the nearby clinic was closed (open half day on Saturdays). We sent her to the Eunos MRT's clinic, which Rosman often visit and it opens 7 days a week till 11 pm.

The doctor examined her wounds and asked how many times she fell so far. We counted 3 times within a year. He said it was abnormal for an elderly to fall 3 times a year which she had never fell in the past few years. He then said, my mother was the problem of her fall... maybe she couldn't see properly where she was going or other reasons.

It reminded me that mummy was stuborn to wear her new pair of short-sighted glasses I made for her. I made that glasses for her because I noticed she squint her eyes to read the subtitles on the tv programmes. She would wear that glasses only when she watch tv.

Now with the doctor's advised, she has to wear it all the time.

The doctor suggested mummy should get a X-ray done on her swollen cheek, so we brought her along with the doctor's letter went straight to Singapore General Hospital's A&E unit. X-ray result was fine, no fractured, alhamdulillaah.

For the next few days, I either sleep over or went over to her place to keep her company. To watch on her so that she doesn't do any house work and climbing up and down cleaning the cabinate etc... the previous fall happened when she was cleaning the kitchen cabinate and fall onto the tiled sink and hit her forehead.

Now we had decided that mummy shouldn't be alone at all time. Either I spent the day time with her, then come home at night, or my sister would bring her to my place in the morning before my sister start work.

It's better that not to leave an elderly alone, we had planned these a long time ago, only mummy doesn't like to come to my place because I have no cable vision at home. For her own safety, it is better for us to keep her company than the tv.


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